True Noordin M Top was killed?

The gripping drama around the leader’s attack of the terrorist Noordin M Top ended already. Beforehand the tense atmosphere visible was seen in the faces of the special detachment member anti terrorism (Densus 88) so also the viewers the TV of all the homeland were covered by the very anxious feeling.

Praise The Lord, all of them have ended. This terrorist succeeded in being paralysed. Now that became the big question was. True Noordin M Top was killed?

We did not to be prejudiced bad. It was clear that apparatus was successful proved to all of us with his success in tracing as well as exposing the network of the terrorist in Indonesia.

This ought to be given by us the appreciation for the police rank. But all that certainly was not meaning that without help from community. Only with the active involvement of the community in monitoring all the movements arousing suspicion in and around their environment then the network of the terrorist was difficult to develop.

So the community and security apparatus always co-operated in order to maintains the order and our security together. Without that was impossible for the police expressed the criminal curtain in the community.

Attack bomb marriot

Bomb attack at Ritz and Marriot hotel is icon American actually enough be reason for knowing background, unlike symbol of America and many products from west.

They hope the sound effect in around the world. Also signal for government about excist organization Jamaah Islamiyah (JI). This is a fundamental moving is terrorist. They are not care about direct impact.

Everything explosion bomb, economic sector feel it and downs. Many investors canceled deal and bring the money going out from Indonesia. Local investors down and panic. Economic situation instablish impact to everything sector direct of many peoples.

Absolutely, We do not afraid. Dont look over about this, because situation panic make them happy and goal target. But we must are still beware and always report stranger activity in my city.

Suicide bomb is very difficult to detection. This is a big problem. The Police hard working and together with civilian watching and closing places for growing fundamentalism organization. This is a solution for minimalizer attack terrorist again.