Whats behind with Mbah Surip smile

Once again, Whats behind with Mbah Surip smile? This is a big question. Everytime when I see the phenomenal musician show. He was born in Mojokerto, some places about from East Java Province.

He comes with Bob Marley style and tag I Love You Full instead of I love you so much.

I am feeling something bitterness with laugh and song lyrics. I think the question is still mysterious for audiences because him is death. Innalillahi Wainnal Ilaihi Rajiun/rest in peace

Only a few months He makes everyones excited. The fans is very enjoy with the songs. The hits “Tak Gendong” become familiar song and easy listening for peoples or only a song from street musician, I dont care!

He is a genuine musician and everytime show still low profile. He is a great man and totally life for a music. Unbelievable, He is life very short. Although the lyrics easy listening but fully critical social condition and have a taste freedom to be expresion.

Good bye Mbah Surip, may I hope every your songs can be a solution for this country problems. He is success, (thats fact) to be artist. We are still remember and LOVE YOU FULL!