Pendet Traditional Dance

The unilateral claim the Malaysian government on traditional art of the Pendet Dance as well as various original styles of the Indonesian culture prove how the “competition” between the two countries not only in the strength of the military.

The wave the protest then springs up. All of them regret the Malaysian government attitude that does not appreciate original Indonesian culture. Although in the long run the Malaysian government gives clarification on this incident. Apparently the heart of the Indonesian people has been already done the wound.

In fact already many cases that involve the two countries. However so far hue strength of diplomacy evidently still an very effective. This is definitely not free from the history of the two countries. But really is worried if the condition like this happens repeatedly. At least we gave the opportunity for the third party to take the profit. Do not close the possibility of these tactics of being to weaken to one another the strength of ASEAN countries so as in the long run facilities on the control of politics and economics respectively the countries.

The Malaysian government preferably immediately stops carrying out provocative actions on Indonesia. As efforts to maintain the regional condition situation stay conducive. If not, the war that was not all beneficial happen for the two countries.

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