Whats behind with Mbah Surip smile

In civil society on 6 Agustus 2009 at 1:10 am

Once again, Whats behind with Mbah Surip smile? This is a big question. Everytime when I see the phenomenal musician show. He was born in Mojokerto, some places about from East Java Province.

He comes with Bob Marley style and tag I Love You Full instead of I love you so much.

I am feeling something bitterness with laugh and song lyrics. I think the question is still mysterious for audiences because him is death. Innalillahi Wainnal Ilaihi Rajiun/rest in peace

Only a few months He makes everyones excited. The fans is very enjoy with the songs. The hits “Tak Gendong” become familiar song and easy listening for peoples or only a song from street musician, I dont care!

He is a genuine musician and everytime show still low profile. He is a great man and totally life for a music. Unbelievable, He is life very short. Although the lyrics easy listening but fully critical social condition and have a taste freedom to be expresion.

Good bye Mbah Surip, may I hope every your songs can be a solution for this country problems. He is success, (thats fact) to be artist. We are still remember and LOVE YOU FULL!

  1. Mbah Surip was an energetic artist but he didn’tn how to manage his capability and his health. He forced to sing whenever and wherever hi wanted to do so. He forgot that he was old enough to work hard.
    Goodbye mbah.


  2. TYSM for comment, I am appreciated :). I am also connect on twitter. Follow me @qflee.

    Btw, Mbah Surip to be Trending Topics #1 on twitter. Its amazing!

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